Addictive Behaviours

A significant characteristic of addiction is the repeated use of a substance (such as drugs) or engaging in an activity (such as gambling) for pleasure, even though doing so causes harm or interferes with everyday life. Addiction happens when someone compulsively engages in behaviour such as drug taking, gambling or drinking. Even when bad side effects kick in and people feel like they’re losing control, people who have addictions usually can't stop doing the thing they’re addicted to without help and support. Patients can experience physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms such as increased tolerance, withdrawal, craving, irritability and insomnia. 

At PRPH a combination of both medical and psychosocial treatments are offered during the inpatient admission.  Upon discharge, the Addictive Behaviours Day Program is recommended, in addition to the Moving Towards Wellness Day Program and the Living Well Day Program. 

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