How to access our services

So you or a loved one are in need of some support for a mental health condition but aren’t exactly sure where to start?

If you’ve come to the conclusion that something isn’t quite right, your first step is to speak to your GP.

Your GP will work with you to write a Mental Health Treatment plan and refer you to a mental health specialist like a psychologist, social worker, occupational therapists or psychiatrist. This treatment plan looks at your mental health needs and goals, and outlines treatment options and support services to reach those goals.

When speaking to a healthcare professional, you need to remember to try and be as open and honest about how you are feeling as possible. Ask lots of questions about what support options are available to you and questions about your own feelings. This will help you gain a better understanding of the journey ahead.

If you GP or psychiatrist thinks it’s important for you to attend a hospital for either inpatient or outpatient programs, they will arrange admission to one of our hospitals via each site-specific Intake Department.

At Pine Rivers Private referrals can be sent via Medical Objects, faxed or emailed through to our Intake Team

Fax: 07 3881 7545


Inpatient (Extended Stay): Our Intake Coordinators will contact you in relation to your general information, including Health Fund Details, and informing you of any out of pocket expenses. They will also let you know what time to arrive and what items to bring with you. Any questions or concerns you have will be answered by our experienced team, follow up questions? Please contact Intake on 3881 7291.

Outpatient (Day Program): Upon referral, an assessment will be booked at the hospital in order to determine the best clinical pathway. Our Discharge Coordinator is available to discuss group options on 3881 7576.

Outpatient (Consultation): If you have a referral for an outpatient consultation appointment please call 3881 7294 to arrange or head to our Outpatient Clinic page for more information

To find an admitting specialist at Pine Rivers Private Hospital click here

Please email us at if you would like to find out more information.

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