Your Admission and Stay

Whether you are participating in an inpatient or outpatient program, all patients are admitted under the care of a specialist- psychiatrist- who is accredited to the hospital.

As part of your personalised assessment, our nursing staff will compile a summary of your psychiatrist and medical history, including a comprehensive list of all the medications you were taking at home (if any).

Our team of clinicians will work in consultation with you to develop your individual care plan, and if you permit, with your carer/support person. Your care plan will be reviewed with you on a regular basis and will be signed off by yourself. We encourage you to set goals that aid in your recovery.

On Arrival

On the day of your admission, please arrive at the hospital at the agreed time.

Firstly, our reception staff will complete the administrative components of your admission.

A nurse will then show you to your room and complete their admission process. This willinclude asking you questions about your current health and the time leading up to youradmission, completing a bag search, collecting your medications for safe storage and askingyou to sign a patient agreement. You will also be shown around the hospital.

Your admitting psychiatrist will also complete their admission process.

You will receive a welcome pack, including a copy of the Patient Information Booklet which gives you further information about the hospital, its environment and what to expect during the rest of your admission.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you have while at Pine Rivers Private Hospital.

Types of Accommodation

Accommodation consists of:

  • Single rooms with private ensuite bathroom
  • Twin share rooms with ensuite bathroom

Please note that if you're sharing a room, it will be with a person of the same gender.

Allocation of single rooms occurs where possible and is according to clinical need.


We request that while you are an inpatient you do not drive unless it is approved by yourpsychiatrist.

Please arrange for a friend, family member, or taxi to drop you off on admission to hospital.

No long term parking is available.

Leave from hospital

  • All leave from the hospital must be approved by your Psychiatrist.
  • during your admission, all patients attend 2-3 Inpatient groups a day, and leave will be restricted during these times.
  • Before going on leave, a nurse must assess you to ensure you are safe, and together you must complete the leave register. This register is our record of who is in the hospital in the event of a fire or other emergency.
  • On return from leave please report to the nurses’ station so that you can let the nurses know how your leave went and to complete the leave register.
  • If you have brought anything back with you, the nurses will check for any items of risk. Where appropriate, and at random intervals, you will be breathalysed and/ or asked to provide a urine sample for a drug screen on your return to the Unit.

To ensure patient safety, no leave will be given between 8pm-7:30am.

Pine Rivers Private Hospital is a modern, recently refurbished hospital. We have private and shared facilities with an ensuite in each room. All our private and shared rooms have personal televisions, telephones and nurse call facilities. Local calls are free of charge. Our facilities include access to:

  • Air conditioning
  • Direct dial telephones
  • Interpreter services (upon request)
  • Internal garden courtyard
  • Laundry facilities
  • Modern interview rooms
  • New and refurbished group rooms
  • Outdoor visitors area
  • Private bathrooms
  • Private rooms
  • Television
  • Visitor and disabled parking
  • Visitor's lounge.
  • All electrical cords will be checked and shortened with clasps, including earphones, headphones, mobile telephone and USB chargers.
  • All medications you are currently taking (in original packaging) for any physical complaints and any repeat prescriptionsMedicare card
  • Casual comfortable day clothes and footwear
  • Glasses and physical aids (e.g. walking sticks, hearing aids)
  • Note pad and pens for groups
  • Pensioner card/ DVA Card/ Safety Net Card
  • Personal toiletries (e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, soap) excluding any alcohol based materials
  • Private health insurance membership card
  • Sleepwear, dressing gown and slippers
  • Sufficient cash for incidental expenses (no ATM on premises)
  • You can bring your mobile phone, however mobile phones must be turned off while participating in group activities. Please set your mobile to vibrate mode when in the hospital to avoid disturbing others.

Any electrical appliances you bring with you, such as a laptop, must be safety tested by our Maintenance Department before use in the hospital.

This testing is available Monday to Friday, during office hours

If you bring the following items they will be locked away in a secured drawer when not in use:

  • Aerosols, including deodorants
  • Knitting yarn and knitting needles
  • Personal Razors and shavers.
Please do not bring:
  • Any valuables
  • Large sums of money
  • Other Items: (in consideration of the safety of all patients)
    • Any objects that could be used as a weapon or for harm
    • Wire coat hangers
    • Hair dryer, hair straighteners or electric shaver
    • Plastic bags
    • Long shoulder straps on bags.
    • Spiral bound notebooks
    • Scissors, tweezers, nail files
    • Glass objects including mirrors and photo frames
    • Flower arrangements with wire or helium balloons
    • Gym equipment ,including physio bands and skipping ropes
    • Washing Powders and Liquids (hospital will provide washing powder).

Your care post hospitalisation is also important to us.

Our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and others are involved in your care whilst you are in hospital, and they will also contribute to your ongoing management and care when you leave the hospital.

If necessary, community services and required aids or appliances will be organised for your discharge.

If necessary a Discharge Planner will make contact with you following discharge to ensure you are recovering and coping in your home environment.

To be covered as a private patient for psychiatric treatment or drug and alcohol rehabilitation in hospital, you can purchase or upgrade a private health policy.

Unlike other pre-existing conditions, which normally require you to complete twelve months of membership before you can be covered for a hospital admission, psychiatric services and rehabilitation only require a two month waiting period, even if the condition is pre-existing.

This means you can be covered two months after commencing or upgrading your policy.

On the 1st of April 2018, the Government introduced changes to make it easier for patients with limited cover for psychiatric care to upgrade their cover to access higher benefits for in-hospital treatment without serving a waiting period. Individual policy members are only able to use this exemption from the existing two month waiting period once in a lifetime.

Limits on the number of mental health sessions or treatments that were typically applied to day programs and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), have also been removed.

If you do not have private health insurance please contact us prior to your admission to obtain an estimate of the cost of your stay. Your account must be paid in full on admission.

As a Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) partnering hospital, DVA patients have immediate access to our care, without the need for prior approval in most cases. We also provide help and support through our Veteran Liaison Officers.

To find out more about private health insurance reforms, click here.

Pine Rivers Private Hospital is recognised by all major health funds and they will reimburse a proportion of all your treatment costs depending on your level of coverage.

We are a Tier 1 DVA Hospital and work with veterans and their families on a regular basis.

A sliding fee scale is available for self insured.

We understand that fee schedules and health fund levies can be difficult to understand, so please feel free to contact us to help determine if you will incur out of pocket expenses.

We also work with WorkCover and insurance companies.

Pine Rivers Private Hospital is a Veteran partnering hospital that is committed to providing first class health care to Australia’s servicemen and women – past and present.

We have a longstanding history of caring for Veterans, and as such, have been awarded Tier 1 status, which means our hospital is a DVA preferred provider.

Pine Rivers Private Hospital has a Discharge Planner and Veteran Liaison Nurse who will be available during your admission to assist you as needed.

You can ask for their assistance via the Manager on your ward or contact the DVA Liaison Officer directly by telephoning 07 3881 7222 or by fax on 07 3881 0122

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Please email us at if you would like to find out more information.


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