Information for GPs

Client Admission Criteria

  1. Has a mental health disorder and/or alcohol, illicit or prescribed drug dependence
  2. Has had intravenous drug use in the previous six months will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  3. Is a voluntary client
  4. Is physically stable.

How To Organise and Admission

  • Phone Intake Team on 07 3881 7291
  • Fax referral to 07 3881 0122.

This can be addressed to a specific psychiatrist or to the admitting psychiatrist.

Our Intake Team will liaise with visiting psychiatrists.

Referral letter to include:

  • Allergies
  • Arrange admission with the client
  • Arrange a health fund check
  • Arrange pre-admission assessment if required (drug and alcohol clients)
  • Client’s name, address, date of birth, telephone contact number
  • Copies of recent pathology and/or investigations
  • Doctor’s provider number
  • Find a psychiatrist to care for the client while in hospital
  • List of current medications
  • Notify the referring GP of admission (or reason the client cannot be admitted)
  • Other medical conditions
  • Patient history
  • Provisional diagnosis for admission.

Intake Coordinator
Ph: 07 3881 7291
Fax: 07 3881 0122

Outpatient appointments can be made with one of our accredited private psychiatrists onsite by calling our onsite specialist centre on 07 3881 7294.

Referrals to any programs need to be from one of our accredited private psychiatrists.

Appointments with our psychiatrists can be made by calling 07 3881 7294.

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